The changed operational conditions for the armed forces are driving up the demands on training, operational support and the territorial defense administration. The threats to national security and the security of critical infrastructures and industrial plants also call for customized solutions to protect people and property.

Advance Technology

Information and communication technology and software solutions

As part of the Bundeswehr's space situation program, we supplied hardware and software systems that enable our customers to fulfill their mission. This includes the solution architecture as well as advice and training on the configuration and use of the integrated system and its software.

Simulation & modeling

BS TECH ENGINEERING has already delivered various simulation-based military training systems over the past 20 years. We are familiar with the technologies used and the methodological requirements for military training, especially for different classes of aircraft. 


Fail-safe telecommunications - nowadays, safeguarding business continuity requires extremely secure IT solutions with equally high network availability. For most applications, planning and setting up a well-functioning IT infrastructure is linked to the highest possible availability of the networks.

As a result, the traditional approach in which companies and agencies rely on a single, central network operator must be questioned. Nowadays, high network availability and the shortest possible recovery times can only be achieved under the condition that a redundant network connection is combined with an efficient "second (or third) way".

The development of a concept for the planning and implementation, either the overall IT strategy or just the satellite-based telecommunications, can be done under the guidance and guidance of our experts. In addition, BS TECH ENGINEERING also offers employees and specialist knowledge for daily network support.


New safety and capacity requirements, less environmental pollution, cost savings: the aviation industry is currently in a state of upheaval. However, technical progress enables us to develop new operating concepts. These include the use of satellite navigation, improved surveillance technology and new media to exchange information that make collaborative decision-making easier.