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It is important to us to help shape the future of the aerospace industry and to face the challenges facing our society.   For this reason, we are involved in a number of associations and working groups, work together with research and scientific institutes in order to drive the changes of tomorrow together with the most important partners in industry.   bavAIRia e. V. was commissioned by the Bavarian State Government to manage the Aerospace Cluster. The aim of bavAIRia is to identify the Bavarian core competencies in aviation, aerospace and space applications and to network the experts more closely with one another in order to increase the global competitiveness of these industries. The members and actors of bavAIRia e. V. represent the entire industrial and research landscape of the Free State of Bavaria.   BS TECH ENGINEERING, with its location in Gilching and important business relationships with organizations based in Bavaria, such as the DLR in Weilheim and Oberpfaffenhofen and spaceopal, is a member of bavAIria eV.  


 Eurospace is the professional association of the European space industry. It is a European non-profit organization founded in 1961. Eurospace member companies now account for 90% of total sales in the European space industry. Eurospace supports the development of space activities in Europe and promotes understanding of problems and issues in the space industry.   BS TECH ENGINEERING is an active member of Eurospace.       The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is committed to actively shaping digitization. A special digital strategy has been developed to take account of the changes affecting our economy and society.   BS TECH ENGINEERING is a member of the focus group on the topic of “Moving into the Gigabit Society”, which deals with digital connectivity and mobility.   


The International Committee for the Technical Exchange of Space Missions and Ground Systems (the SpaceOps Organization is also known as the SpaceOps Committee) is an international association made up of representatives from most of the space nations. SpaceOps was founded in 1990 to promote and maintain the continuous technical exchange of all aspects of space missions and ground systems and the international community of space experts.   The forum for discussing state-of-the-art satellite operating principles, methods, and tools is the biennial SpaceOps Symposia hosted and organized by a selected space agency.   BS TECH ENGINEERING is a member of SpaceOps and is also involved in its organization and its technical committees.